-205: Royal Navy of the Terran Empire is Established.

-100: Nathaniel Flint gathers the loot of a thousand worlds.

-70: Battle of Garn Archipelago, the first battle between the Procyon Expanse and Terran Empire.

-67 Rygan convinces the Procyon Brood Consul to invade the Terran Frontier, which marks the start of the First Terran-Procyon War.

-64: The Terran Empire begins to finally push back the Procyon Invaders. A truce called 'The Treaty of Gisane' is signed by both parties creating a buffer zone between the two starfaring nations, ending the First Terran-Procyon War.

-39: King Alexander III of the Terran Empire , during a time of unrest in the Procyon Expanse launches an invasion of Procyon territory ending the 25 year truce between the two political bodies and starting the Second Terran-Procyon War.

-5: The Third Terran-Procyon War starts, which is an on again, off again state of war between the Terran Empire and Procyon Expanse over disputed ownership of the McCullough Etherium Current.

0: Doppler Expedition to Treasure Planet.

5: (Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon) The Procyon Council proposes a peace treaty to the Terran Empire that would effectively make all Etherium Currents neutral territory. Her Majesty, Queen Illysa II, is quite receptive, allowing a diplomatic fleet to enter Terran Territory for the Peace Treaty Signing. Unfortunately this offer was part of a Procyon Vengeance plan in retribution of Alexander the Mad King's breach of the 25 year truce, 44 years ago.