Turnbuckle (Rodger Bumpass)
Race: Zirrelian
Alignment: Gray
Associates: John Silver
Fate: Appears to have parished on Treasure Planet.
Quote(s): "Aye Capt'n, two one zero zero."

Turnbuckle was the Zirrelian Helmsman of the RLS Legacy during the Doppler Expediton to Treasure Planet. He took part in Silver's Mutiny, and latter seemingly fell to his demise during the collapse of Treasure Planet. He makes a brief appearance in Battle at Procyon, as a crew member aboard the Pirate Schooner Warrior. He gives Jim Hawkins a message from John Silver upon being captured by the Royal Navy.


  • Turnbuckles appearance in BaP seems to suggest that the game's story line takes place in an alternate timeline. One in which Turnbuckle was one of the pirates to be imprissoned aboard the RLS Legacy following Silver's Mutiny.

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