• I am wondering if you could make me a Admin, so I can do some more work on the wikia, like organizing the articles to be presentable and readable, and add in missed information on characters, solar ships etc.

    I haven't played the Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon before, and just heard of from looking through this wikia. So, I hope you could make me a admin so I may perform wikia clean & organisation work. Thank you for reading!

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    • Having looked over your contributions thus far, and knowing well that this wiki needs the assistance you offer. I have approved your request to be an admin. You may be joined by a few others, depending on if one of our senior contributors desires the same. They've never asked though.

      Welcome Admin AtlantisUchiha.

      I am pleased that the wiki has provided you with new information and hope it does the same for many others ^_^

      Edit: A heads up though; we are not a headcanon, fanon site, or fan fiction site. I notice the wiki you frequent and felt the need to express this. I think you'll do just fine as you can share with us such via your profile which I consider personal and thus unhindered by the confines of the wiki. Take my profile for example; it includes my own idea for a treasure planet table top RPG. You'll likely find material for use in your work and I'm sure members of the community will love to see it. Plus some of are articles do have a speculation section and such is acceptable. We have had to recently address fan fiction due to one subject;

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    • Welcome. And I do suggest picking up Battle at Procyon. It, the movie, the art book, and the PS1 game are really all we have to go off of.

      Unless we also want to consider the rough plot to Treasure Planet 2 canon:

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    • hahahha, I'd love to get my hands on the art book- I've got the PS2 game but my PS2 no longer functions.

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      This will save about $300, which is what I hear the book sells for nowadays.

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    • Thanks :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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