Civilian schooner
SS Coventry
Model: Featherweight Civilian Schooner
Crew: Owen Ried (Captain), Green
Fate: Towed to Norville.

The SS Coventry is a Schooner that follows a trade route to Crescentia. The ship is mastered by Owen Ried, and appears in mission 2 of Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Mission 2Edit

SS Coventry was transporting goods to Crescentia when it came under attack from Captain Grange's Schooner, Ravage. Ravage fired its Cannons at the SS Coventry, disabling its engines with the first volley, immobilising the SS Coventry. It appeared to the crew of SS Coventry that they were about to be boarded by the Pirates, however they instead left at full speed. A few minutes later, Lieutenant Hawkins' Torpedo Boat, RLS Comet arrived. As SS Coventry was unable to move due to its damaged engines, RLS Comet towed SS Coventry to Norville.