Rachel Cricket is a crew avalable in Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon. She appears in mission three as the captain of the RLS Swiftsure, which following a solar storm, was blown into a nebula with out a compass. She mistakenly lead the Swiftsure deeper and deeper into the nebula until she was utterly lost in her navigations. Realizing that anymore travel could disable her ship, Rachel cut all engines, and held out until aid arrived.

Information for use in a proper infoboxEdit

image = Cricett.jpg

Structure Gel

Titles: Captain

Ship(s): RLS Swiftsure

Race: Human

BaP Statistics

Gunnery: 5

Leadership: 1

Navigation: 4

Engineering: 1

Rigging: 1

Spotting: 6

Combat: 6

Quote(s): "Thank Neptune someone found us! The storm destroyed our compass, and blew us into the nebula. I thought we'd be lost forever."

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