RLS Yorkshire
Model: Warsloop
Crew: Penfold Tangent (Captain)
Fate: Failed to rendezvous with Admiral J. Nelson's fleet.

The RLS Yorkshire is a Warsloop under the command of Captain Tangent. The RLS Yorkshire is part of Admiral J. Nelson's fleet.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Mission 4Edit

While being transferred to the Frontier in order to fight the Ironclad Menace, the RLS Yorkshire, and other ships under the command of Admiral J. Nelson, were struck by a Solar Storm. The Yorkshire is perhaps the most fortunate of the ships that went missing after the storm, as the RLS Yorkshire was merely swept ashore on an island near the McCullough Current as opposed to a black hole or nebula. The RLS Yorkshire and her crew were rescued by Captain Hawkins, and his patrol squadron, who towed the RLS Yorkshire off the island. However, it was too late for the Yorkshire to join the rest of Admiral J. Nelsons' fleet, as the surge of the McCullough Current was ending.