RLS Swiftsure
Model: Naval Cutter
Crew: Rachel Crickett (Captain)
Fate: Failed to rendezvous with Admiral J. Nelson's fleet.

RLS Swiftsure is an Imperial Cutter under the command of Rachel Crickett. The RLS Swiftsure was asigned to the fleet of Admiral J. Nelson to head to the frontier inorder to combat the Ironclad menace.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Mission 4Edit

While being transferred to the Frontier in order to fight the Ironclad Menace, the RLS Swiftsure, and other ships under the command of Admiral J. Nelson, were struck by a Solar Storm. The Solar Storm knocked the RLS Swiftsure into a The Crow Nebula. RLS Swiftsure was eventually found by Captain Hawkins' ship, RLS Endurance, which showed the RLS Swiftsure the way out of The Crow Nebula. Due to the length of time the rescue operation took, the Swiftsure, and her crew, were unable to catch the seasonal surge of the McCullough Current. Thus they were unable to join with main fleet.