RLS Indomitable
Model: Featherweight Man-o-War
Crew: Turnik, Elite
Fate: Failed to rendezvous with Admiral J. Nelson's fleet.

The RLS Indomitable is a Naval Man-o-War encountered during Mission Four of Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon. The RLS Indomitable is part of Admiral J. Nelson's fleet.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Mission 4Edit

While being sent to the frontier in order to combat the Ironclad menace, the Indomitable, and other ships with in Admiral J. Nelson's fleet were hit by a horrible solar storm. The RLS Indomitable and the Tender, RLS St. Christopher, were both stuck in the pull of the Vanov Black Hole until the two ships, and their crews, were finally rescued by Captain Hawkins, and his Patrol Squadron. However, it was too late for the RLS Indomitable to join the rest of Admiral J. Nelsons' fleet, as the surge of the McCullough Current was ending.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: N/A (250 VP by default if enabled in Skirmishes)

Speed: 15 km/h

Manoeuvrability: Low

Crew Size: Very Large (34)

  • 1 Captain
  • 1 First Mate
  • 1 Spotter
  • 1 Helmsman
  • 3 Engineers
  • 8 Riggers
  • 10 Fighters
  • 9 Gunners

Hull Strength: 4150 HP

Firepower: Amazing (9 Banks)

Star Mortar Icon 1 Star Mortar
Gatling Gun Icon 2 Laser Gatling Guns
Heavy Laser Cannon Icon 8 Heavy LaserBall Cannons
Medium Laser Cannon Icon 8 Medium LaserBall Cannons
Harpoon Gun Icon 4 Harpoon Guns
Grav Charge Icon 2 Grav Charge Launchers
Light Lancer Icon 3 Light Point Defence Lancers


  • Although RLS Indomitable uses a Man-o-War model, it is a unique ship, called a 'Featherweight Man-o-War' in the files. The main difference between the Featherweight Man-o-War and the regular version is the Featherweight's decreased mass of 2,000, compared to the regular Man-o-War's mass of 40,000. This was likely done to make RLS Indomitable easier to tow out of the Vanov Black Hole using a Warsloop.
  • Turnik has no leadership score and is thus incapable of being the ship's captain.