The Procyon Ambassador

"Today was the first time I had ever met a Procyon face to face. I would like to say it was a pleasant experience, but I can't. They were nice enough, but there is just something about them. Something... predatory." - Jim Hawkins [1]

The Procyons are a racoonish race that originated on the frozen world of Laar. The Procyon Expanse and the Terran Empire have been at odds with each other since Proycon Tribal Leader Rygan ambushed Her Majesty's Colonization Fleet at the Garn Archipelago. They are a very inventive, territorial, and predatory race with a long standing warrior tradition.


Procyon's are on average smaller then humans (often standing at chest hight), and are coated in a thick fur that provides warmth on their homeworld of Laar. Thus their clothing tends to be more for ornate or protective rather then for warmth. Despite their size, Procyon's possess a 20% higher muscle-to-bone ratio than Humans putting their strength on par with one another.

Procyon fur ranges from various shades of brown and rust to jet-black and can include white-striping and greying streaks in older members. The size and intracies of the patches under the eyes reflects social rank, and the noblest of Procyon families have the largest patches. Because of this, Procyons who have managed to rise through the military and social ranks will wear ornamental eye masks in order to enhance their appearance among their peers.

Crew Icons Edit



  • The Procyon's speak with a Russo-German Accent.
  • The name Procyon is of Greek origin and means 'before the dog'.
  • Procyon is the name of the genus that raccoons belong to.


  1. Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon Mission Five Journal Entry

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