Pirates are the destructive scourge of the Etherium. Their ships are mostly stolen, and converted, hulls that were once civilian, Navy, or even Procyon ships. Pirates are the masters of reconstruction, and often it is hard to recognize the original ship once they are done reinforcing the hull, adding more weapons, and tuning up the Engines. Piracy is all about loot, and profit, not territory. As such, Pirates are less interested in destroying enemy ships as they are in boarding, killing them, and capturing them.

Pirate ClansEdit

A Pirate Clan is something like a faternity, trade union, and cartel. They are loose assocaitions formed around the persona of a paticularly sucessful pirate. These clans often specialize in some form of illegal act. Acts that include smuggling, piracy, or slaving. A few clans however tend to be on the fringe of criminality specializing in bountyhunting or privateering. These clans give pirates, who may other wise be unable to find safe port, a forum for trade in additon to places of refuge. These places are often free ports who fall outside the authoritative jurisdition of larger political bodies.

Types of Pirate ShipsEdit

Fleet builds used by Pirate Clans

  • Wolf Pack: Wolf Packs are fleets of three to five Fast Attack Boats designed to wreak havoc on light to mid-sized shipping.

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