A direct conversion of the civilian design, the Pirate Schooner is the classic image of skull-duggery on the High Etherium. The narrow profile of this ship makes it difficult to hit and a skilled schooner captain can maneuver close while almost entirely evading return fire.

Battle at Procyon StatisicsEdit

Point Cost: 40 VP

Speed: 29 km/h

Maneuverability: High

Crew Size: Average (12)

  • 1 Captain
  • 1 First Mate
  • 1 Spotter
  • 1 Helmsman
  • 2 Riggers
  • 2 fighters
  • 4 Gunners

Hull Strength: 1010 HP

Firepower: Average (4 Banks)

Known ShipsEdit

  • Warrior (Mission 1)
  • Ravage (Mission 2)
  • Wylie (Mission 3)
  • Mace (Mission 3)
  • The Plague (Mission 3*/Mission 7)
  • Dead Eye (Mission 3*)
  • Hunter (Mission 3*)
  • Nemesis (Mission 5)
  • The Dischord (Mission 6)
  • Crooked Keel (Mission 6)
  • The Claw (Mission 7)
  • Skrop (Mission 10)
  • The Avenger (Mission 11)
  • The Scourge (Mission 11)
  • Thug (Ambush game files)
  • Bandit (Ambush game files)
  • Anger (Ambush game files)
  • Greed (Ambush game files)
  • Bad Debt (Storm Front game files)
  • Scorn (Locusts game files)
  • Toredor (Locusts game files)
  • Deliverance (Locusts game files)
  • Wharf Rat (Locusts game files)
  • Scorpion's Sting (Locusts game files)

  • The Plague, Hunter, and Dead Eye only appear if the player makes a run for Port Ivy immediately instead of waiting in the asteroids, as punishment. Therefore, it is entirely possible that The Plague is the same ship that appears in Mission 7.

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