In a daring raid on the Mason Naval Shipyard, Pirates stole several of the Navy's new Assault Cutters. Now rumored to be in production at secret bases, the Pirate version of the Assault Cutter is slightly faster with a larger number of light gun mounts.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 68 VP

Speed: 28 km/h

Maneuverability: Good

Crew Size: Average (14)

  • 1 Captain
  • 1 First Mate
  • 1 Helmsman
  • 2 Riggers
  • 4 Fighters
  • 5 Gunners

Hull Strength: 1320 HP

Firepower: Good (5 Banks)

Known ShipsEdit

  • Dark Night (Mission 4)
  • Luckless (Mission 6)
  • Spite (Mission 6)
  • Relentless (Mission 10)
  • The Rake (Mission 10)
  • Starfall (Mission 11)
  • Ravage (Mission 11)
  • Tormentor (Locusts game files)

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