Nova Mortar
Nova Mortar Icon
Available To: Royal Navy Flag Procyon Expanse Rectangular Flag
Weapon Type: Special, manually aimed
Cost: 50 Victory Points
Damage Per Projectile
Wood: 60-65
Reinforced Wood: 56-64
Iron: 50-60
Cloth: 70-80
Stone: 48-52
Dragon: 60-70
Magnitude: 15,000
Radius: 60
Critical Chance:
Wood: 0%
Reinforced Wood: 30%
Iron: 0%
Cloth: 0%
Stone: 0%
Dragon: 0%
Duration: 3 seconds
Wood: 1
Reinforced Wood: 1
Iron: 1
Cloth: 1
Stone: 0
Dragon: 0
Wood: 40%
Reinforced Wood: 0%
Iron: 0%
Cloth: 50%
Stone: 0%
Dragon: 0%
Effective: 200 metres
Long: 350 metres
Maximum: 500 metres
Velocity: 25
Effective: 0.0873
Long: 0.1745
Maximum: 0.2618
Fire Rate
Reload Time: 80 seconds
Burst Quantity: 5 projectiles
Burst Interval: N/A

The Nova Mortar is a manually aimed, special weapon, that is a larger, cluster bomb variant of the Star Mortar. The Nova Mortar has so much recoil, that the only ships that can use this weapon are Ships of the Line with their bow reinforced, as such, only the Terran Empire and Procyon Expanse are able to manufacture ships capable of using this weapon.




  • Massive damage.
  • Very long range.
  • Massive blast radius.


  • Very long reload time.
  • Very low velocity.
  • Difficult to aim.

Armed ShipsEdit


StarHammer Icon StarHammer


Ice Fist Icon Ice Fist


Imperial Weapon Barge Icon Development Weapon Barge

Armed BasesEdit



The Nova Mortar is the largest ship-mounted weapon in the Etherium. It is so massive that the entire bow section of a Man-o-War class ship must be modified to make room for it. Only the Navy and Procyon fleets can afford the production, and fitting expense of this weapon. This Nova Mortar fires a huge round that splits into five Star Mortar shells at the top of it's arc. These five shells detonate in a pattern that can catch even the most nimble of ship in a tidal wave of destructive power. When you come across a ship armed with this weapon out on the Etherium, you would be wise to stay out of her way.