When most citizens think of the Royal Navy it is this vessel, the Frigate, they think of. Plentiful, powerful, and strong, the Navy is able to keep the peace with the presence of this ship. This vessel is slower than the Fast Frigate, but is more heavily armed, and carries a significant complement of fighters for boarding other ships. While not as powerful as the Man-o-War, it can still deliver a very powerful broadside.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 131 VP

Speed: 21 km/h

Maneuverability: Average

Crew Size: Large (22)

  • 1 Captain
  • 1 First Mate
  • 1 Spotter
  • 1 Helmsman
  • 2 Engineers
  • 4 Riggers
  • 4 Fighters
  • 8 Gunners

Hull Strength: 3350 HP

Firepower: Very Good (8 Banks)

Known ShipsEdit

  • RLS Bravery (tutorial)
  • RLS Redoubt (Mission 4)
  • RLS Venture (Mission 4)
  • RLS Reliant (Mission 4)
  • RLS Defiance (Mission 4)
  • RLS Crusader (Mission 7)
  • RLS St. Roch
  • RLS Mighty (Mission 12)
  • RLS Hood (Iron War game files)
  • RLS Duke of York (Iron War game files)
  • RLS Orion (Ambush game files)
  • RLS Vigilant (Ambush game files)
  • RLS Fearless (The Maw game files)
  • RLS Triumphant (Bayles Stand game files)

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