Minerva is a character able to be used by the player in Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon during the last part of the game. An exceptionable navigator and rigger, Minerva is an asset to any crew.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Minerva is assumed to be very beautiful, possessing a presumably athletic figure. She is Felinid, the catlike species in the video game and movie of Treasure Planet. Her base coat is medium grey, with white tips on her ears and a white muzzle and underbelly. Her eyes are violet, and her hair is long, wavy, and black. She is presumed to have a grey tail with a white tip, and white "gloves" on her hands and white "socks" on her feet.

BaP StatisticsEdit

Gunnery: N/A

Leadership: 6

Navigation: 9

Engineering: 4

Rigging: 8

Spotting: 2

Combat: 4