'Long' John Silver
Titles: Captain, Cook
Ships: RLS Legacy (Film), Argentum (BaP)
Race: Ursid
Age: 50 (Film), 55 (BaP)
Associates: Jim Hawkins, Amelia, Dr. Delbert Doppler, Pirates
Goals: Acquire as much loot as possible in general and the loot of Treasure Planet in particular.
Fate: Presumably killed in an explosion after ramming Argentum into Wailing Wind.
Voice: Brian Murray

'Long' John Silver is a Pirate, who posed as a cook in order to infiltrate RLS Legacy, with the intention of acquiring the loot of Treasure Planet, RLS Legacy's destination. John Silver serves as an Antagonist in Treasure Planet and Battle at Procyon.


It’s unknown when or where Silver‘s place of birth was nor of his childhood. From what info we can gather Silver had very little schooling as a child possibly dropping out in his early years.

Treasure PlanetEdit

John Silver posed as a cook to infiltrate the Royal Navy's Heavy Scout, RLS Legacy, which was going on an expedition to Treasure Planet. Silver, intending to acquire the loot of Treasure Planet for himself, started a mutiny on the ship, in an attempt to seize control of the ship for himself. Although Silver failed to acquire the treasure of the eponymous planet, he did manage to escape RLS Legacy before being caught.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Between the events of the Film and Battle at Procyon, John Silver became a Privateer for the Terran Empire, raiding Procyon cargo ships towards the end of the Third Terran-Procyon War. However, while the peace agreement between the Empire and the Procyons was underway, Silver's Ship of the Line, Argentum reappeared in Imperial Territory, apparently leading the Pirate raids against Imperial ships.


John Silver is an ursid (bear like alien) of 56 years of age. He became a cyborg after an accident with a ship cost him the whole right side of his body thus becoming a cyborg. Silver normally wears his black tri-corned hat, tan shirt, and red coloured pants, He also has his thick black coat for when it gets cold out. His hair is a brown in colour and his organic eye is a dark green.


  • While this character's full name is 'Long' John Silver, he is never referred to as such in Treasure Planet, while in Battle at Procyon he is only referred to as John Silver once, instead he is almost always referred to by his surname.
  • Silver's voice actor, Brian Murray, is the only voice actor to reprise his role in Battle at Procyon, with the other voiced reappearing characters, Jim Hawkins and Admiral Amelia, being voiced by different actors.
  • The name of Silver's ship in Battle at Procyon, 'Argentum', is the Latin word for Silver.
  • Silver is a ursid a bear like alien.