The rocket-powered Harpoon is one of the oldest, and most effective weapons used among the space-faring races. It is fired into the side of an enemy ship, embedding itself in the hull, and explodes doing serious damage. Doubly useful, a Harpoon Gun can also fire a Harpoon with a cable attached. These Harpoons are used to grapple onto other ships during battle. Grappled ships can be prevented from sailing ouf of danger or can even be boarded!

Pros: Allows boarding and capture of enemy ships.

Cons: Very low speed, short range, very slow rate of fire. Cannot be fired again until a grappled ship is released, and the Harpoon reeled back into position.

Mounts: Light

- Harpoon Gun - Max Range 100m | Best Range 30m | Damage 5 - 60

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