The Sloop is a unarmed single-masted craft that possesses great speed and maneuverability. They are perhaps one of the cheapest civilian trade vessels. Like many civilian ship designs, many have fell into the hands of pirates to be used as scout ships.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Speed: 40 km/h

Manueverability: Very Good

Hull Strength: 500

Crew Size: Very Small (~3. Based off of Pirate variation)

  • 1 Captain
  • 1 Helmsman
  • 1 Rigger

Firepower: Nonexistant (0 Banks)

Known ShipsEdit

  • SS Plentiful (Mission 5)
  • SS Borden (Mission 6)
  • SS Carlton Bay (Mission 6)
  • SS Vancouver (Mission 7)

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