Carronades were the first cannon technology to be put aboard ships. Considered obsolete by the Procyon and Imperial Navies, they still see use by the pirate clans because of their ability to deliver tremendous damage. Unfortunately their poor accuracy, and slow speed make them useful only in close ranged battles.

Pros: Heavy damage, inexpensive*

Cons: Short Range, low accuracy, slow rate of fire.

Mounts: Light, Medium, Heavy

- Light Carronade - Max Range 100m | Best Range 60m | Damage 10 - 40

- Medium Carronade - Max Range 130m | Best Range 80m | Damage 15 - 60

- Heavy Carronade - Max Range 180m  | Best Range 110m | Damage 20 - 80

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Carronades cost points, rather then give points, if you seek to replace LaserBall Cannons with Carronades.
  • Due to their obsolete status many civilian vessels are equiped with Carronade weaponry. This is another reason why Carronades are widely used by the pirate clans.
  • Carronades were a type of smoothbore cannon used by the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom from the 1770s to the 1850s.

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