Billy Bones
Billy Bones (Patrick McGoohan)

Race: Unknown

Alignment: Grey
Associates: Nathaniel Flint
Goals: To keep the map to treasure planet safe.
Quote(s): "... they'll have to pry it from old Billy Bones cold dead fingers before I-"

Billy Bones is an ancient turtle like alien who is the last surviving member of Flint's Crew [1].Bone's holds the map to Flint's treasure trove, and is mortally wounded in a fight for it. Crash landing near the Benbow Inn he is taken inside by Jim Hawkins who he intrusts the Map to. Billy Bones utters his last breath, a fair warning to the new care taker of the Map, shortly before pirates raid the Benbow Inn.


[1] Official Treasure Planet Website -> Heros and Rouges

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