Aurora is a recruitable crew member in Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon she has the following stats;

Gunnery: 6 Leadership: 7 Navigation: 8 Engineering: 2 Rigging: 4 Spotting: 6 Combat: 6

She shares these stats and portrait with another recuritable crew member named Mayflower.

In Fan Fiction Edit

Fan Fiction writers tend to take one of two views on Aurora; one that she's Mayflower's twin sister or two that she's really one person due to the portrait's file being called AuroraMayflower and due to the two characters sharing the same stats with the assumption that her being two characters is a programmers goof (emphasis on 'assumption'). As the latter of the two Aurora Mayflower has appeared in two stories; Burning Skies and The Last Battle of the Lyonesse. The Fanon of the Aurora Mayflower character can likely be traced to Ashley, a Australian DeviantArt user who goes by JaberwockyChamber17. Ashley's artwork has even found it's way on to the Disney Wiki where an article on her character exists and has yet to be removed.