Arcturians shown in danger as Captain Flint and his pirate crew are invading their ship stealing their treasure.

"You can be the Commander of many ships, but you can't be their captain." - Old Arcturian saying [1]

The Arcturians are an Amphibious semi-reptilian alien race of humanoids who largely deal in Arcturian Solar Crystals, needed on Light Ships to store solar energy, shipping the crystals in large Merchantships. The Arcturians are a populous race, maybe even the most common in the galaxy. In the opening of the film, they can be seen crewing, and as passengers, of the Great Merchantship that falls victim to Captain Nathaniel Flint. The Arcturians also invented the Arcturian Fire Launcher, an inexpensive heavy weapon for use on ships.

History Edit

One Hundred years before Treasure Planet, Arcturians were traveling on large merchantships until Captain Nathaniel Flint, during his final raid and last treasure hunt swooped out of nowhere with his Pirate Ship and his crew and then were battling the Arcturian soldiers from their ship battling each other. Shortly after Captain Flint and his pirates invaded their ship, Captain Flint vanished his ship without a trace by using the teleporter used on Treasure Planet to return his stolen treasure onto Treasure Planet's Core.

It is unknown what happened to the Arcturians during the time of Treasure Planet, but five years later, they have been shown to be a least concern alien race, meaning that their kind is still roaming through the Universe continuing what they originally did a hundred years before.

Naming and CultureEdit

No other names have ever been mentioned on an Arcturian as their first names, but they somehow have different last names indicating that they come from different families like Humans have. Jeff is the most common first name among this species.

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  • Generic Arcturians are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • The name "Arcturian" is usually related to something that comes from Arcturus, a star in the Milky Way Galaxy. It may be possible the Arcturians come from Arcturus.
    • Also that Arcturians may be a reference to extraterrestrial aliens of the same name that some people have encountered before from claims or stories. [1]
    • Arcturians is actually a claim to people that they have seen the alien race. They usually have been pictured to have blue skin or green skin and usually is pictured to look like humans. But in Treasure Planet, that have been shown as a amphibian-like species of humanoids. [2]
  • Even though that Arcturians have only been seen once in Treasure Planet being set around 100 years earlier than the current story set in, In Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon, the Arcturians have been shown to still be currently around the universe 105 years later as a least concerned alien race.
  • Besides Humans who can be adaptable to technology and can be shown in different cultures and are one of the most common of the Universe, Arcturians on the other hand, are one of the most common in the galaxy, Except that they are adaptable to technology like humans but cannot be shown in different cultures like most aliens do.
    • The Acturians are possibly the most advanced alien race in the universe as arcturians have been claimed by people for real that they are one of the most advanced aliens in our galaxy.


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