Alzrand is an Imperial Settlement that lies East of Alamein, and North of the Arrowhead Islands. Alzrand boasts a very large fishing fleet, and is governed by Mayor Krell.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Mission 5Edit

Pirates had started raiding the traditional fishing grounds of the settlement driving the Alzrandian fleet into Alamein fishing grounds. They tried to explain the situation to the Alameinians but all this did was drive the locals to cut the nets of the Alzrandians. Realising that their settlements survival hinged on a supply of Moonfish the Alzrandians pushed the Alameinians out of the fishing grounds, and resorted to blockade the port of Alamein. This Blockade would have continued had not the RLS Superior arrived frightening the Alzrandians back to their home port. When the RLS Superior latter appeared the fleet formed a blockade around their own port to prevent the naval ship entry. After a warning shot the leader of the blockade fleet, Wunston, withdrew allowing for negotiates between the two settlements to take place under the mediation of Captain Hawkins.